Monday 20 January 2014

Mono Monday



Bonjour !

It rained cats and dogs here over the weekend, 
a rare occurence, I have to admit.

Reason enough for us to press on with our renovation work at home - a neverending saga!
We have an all white home cinema / multimedia room in the making, although it looks more like a dance studio right now (you are following me on instagram aren't you?)!

I know it's Colour My Monday but in keeping with my own interior, I'm opting for a neutral palette today.
I hope you enjoy these few simple finds.

Thanks for the inspiration:
Les Copirates - here & here 
Marlen and Tonis Karema - yes, they're back!
Leonie Durr - yummy mummy memory game
88 Editions - Beautiful artwork for your home


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