Sunday 12 January 2014

Sunday Shop Watch: Ioneta




Once in a while you come across a beautiful new address and your heart sings. 

Ioneta is once such place.

I have spent much of today browsing their tumblr and online shop, so wishing that I could just fly over to the coast of Maine and sit in their cozy studio/gallery for a long, friendly chat.

I've never been disappointed when meeting online kindred spirits in real life.

Things just click.

Don't they?


  1. love you blog and wonder how you manage it, pinterest, tumbler ,blogging, Facebook , your list goes on. I love what you share,

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful review of Ioneta. I would welcome you anytime you wanted to fly over for a visit to the coast of Maine! Based on what you write about and show, I'm sure the conversation would be limitless! I lived in France for several years and loved every second of it....perhaps at some point, I will fly your way.



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