Thursday 6 March 2014

Georges, Oh Georges!


Georges, oh Georges...
Ever since I saw your new collection I've been dreaming of tipees in the garden. And our living room.
OK, I know Miles turns 9 in a couple of weeks, but I'm a great believer in Morris' "beautiful and useful" in the home. Beautiful, they are. Handdyed in soft inviting shades, made with love, stitch by stitch, I know I could find a use for them too...

Then there's "coeur", a poetical hanging storage nest crafted from vintage linen, and "esté", perfect bedding and rugs in grey. Or those cushions, Jonnie. And that wall hanging... need I say more?

George's new e-shop is everything I love.

Time to treat myself? Mmm...


  1. à la little fashion week, leur stand était très beau!

  2. tipees are pretty magical aren't they? I bought my daughter one for christmas and she loves it.


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