Monday 17 March 2014

The Little Things

I'm back!
A full week off with my family, a luxury, I have to say.
A week to take our time, potter, work on the house, read, dance, run, garden, decorate... just appreciate the little things.

I needed a break, we all did. Five years online was starting to take its toll on my family, so thank you for being so patient.

Thank you for following me elsewhere, too. I am amazed by your enthusiasm and loyalty over on pinterest, where I have now reached over 125,000 followers, and my new tumblr plumes & feathers, which is growing in popularity each day.

Merci !

I seem to be saying this a lot lately, but oh my, the weather is glorious here in the south of France. Have we skipped a season? I could have sworn it felt like Summer out there just now. I am happy, rested and refreshed. Ready to start this new week with a few Little Things that I loved while I was away.

Bonne semaine !

Thanks for the inspiration:

 - White and blue bear pillow by Ava&Yves on dawanda - so nice!
- Watch out for Dunnock & Teal's lovely wall stickers - I love their debut Thumbelina set.
- Junko Nakamura's new book "Quand Il Pleut" comes out in France on 20th March.
- Love this free bunny bag pattern download from uber-talented Lieschen Mueller
- Sophia203 make pretty Indian-inspired accessories for kids that can also be used as decoration. I look forward to seeing their website soon.


  1. Deborah...why wasn't I following you on Pinterest??? :)
    anyway, the blog of Junko Nakamura IS FANTASTIC!

    1. ah - well, if you weren't already following me - have fun!!! Yes, their blog ( two of them involved) is a gold mine... a favorite of mine for years... so looks like you'll have lots of lovely images there to look at!


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