Sunday 4 January 2015


Yes, I'll admit it, I have a thing about masks.

Hardly surprising I guess, as I originally studied at university in London to work in the theatre. Years later, I'm still fascinated by stage make-up, masks, costumes - any form of theatrical disguise.

Marseille-based NinnApouladaki's animal designs are delightful, eye-catching and eco-friendly - perfect for little and big ones alike. Made from recycled paper and organic cotton, their debut menagerie (owl, cat, fox, deer, rabbit...) looks very promising, and I for one will be following their etsy store, facebook page, instagram and pinterest feed this year.

Looking for something for Carnival time or a simple gift for a child? NinnApouadaki's animal masks would also add an interesting decorative touch to a little one's room. 

I love the spotted mouse, et vous ?


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