Tuesday 10 February 2015

Inspiration: Field & Hedgerow

Bonjour !

The half-term Winter holidays have begun here in the South of France and I have to say we are all enjoying the slow life at home. As many of you know, we live in a big house which we've been renovating for years and are also lucky enough to have a lot of land. This all looks fantastic on the photos but requires a lot of work on our part, so some serious gardening is on the agenda for us over the next two weeks.

I love living here in the country now. The Camargue is truly beautiful at any time of year. I feel privileged to live in such an inspiring place, bathed in Mediterranean light - c'est tellement bon !!!

Of course, I grew up in another wonderful part of the world - West Yorkshire. Ilkley Moor is "my home, mon chez moi, and I can't wait to return there this Summer.

Why am I telling you this, you wonder? Well, I have started working on a new project, which I hope will bring my two worlds together. It's exciting, motivating and I am learning so much!


Recent research lead me to the beautiful creative world of Field & Hedgerow
Stef Mitchell's work explores an ongoing relationship with the landscape on foot and her prints are made using plant material directly. I love the simplicity, the textures and the colour palettes of her handmade prints, cards and keepsake books, a few of which are shown above. 
I guess they all remind me of walks on Ilkley Moor.

I hope you'll enjoy browsing her shop, blog and facebook page to discover more.

Bonne journée mes amis !


  1. These are beautiful ...as are the links...thanks!

  2. Such beautiful work. xox

  3. Hi Deborah - I had no idea about this wonderful post until now - thank you so much - Stef from Field and Hedgerow - the 4th piece down has since been shortlisted for the RA Summer Show - find out soon in May if it gets through to the next stage - fingers crossed

    1. My pleasure Staf - beautiful work, it reminds me of "home"!


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