Tuesday 3 February 2015

Inspiration: Out of The Blue




All of a sudden,
Out of the blue,
Came this urge
To do something different,
Explore pastures new...

Bonjour !

I hope you all had an excellent weekend.
We seemed to eat, sleep and breathe art for two days, which I love.

My eldest son is doing an art foundation course in Montpellier this year, and I have to say it's really inspiring to see how his work, style and interests are evolving.

I am itching to do something more creative now. Start painting again, perhaps, make collages, doodle, work on our home... I used to do so much before I started blogging!

Any plans to learn a new craft or creative skill this year?
I fancy macramé, I think.
Et vous ?

I hope you enjoy today's art inspiration.
I love these artists' work
(follow the links to discover more):

 Bonne journée !

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