Wednesday, 6 May 2015

High Five #90: The Warehouse at Woodside


I know it's almost Summer, and we've been blessed with beautiful weather for a while now here in the South of France but I am craving dark, arty-vintage interiors right now. 

Instagram takes me travelling on a daily basis, and I am enjoying discovering creatives across the globe. In Australia, I happened upon the inspiring feed of vintage shop owner Sarah Pollard whose bricks and mortar store is overflowing with my kind of old and interesting finds. I'm really into her mostly dark product styling on instagram and would obviously love to fly Down Under for a good ole' rummage - sigh!

Sarah shares photos and details of her wares on Facebook, so feel free to contact her if there's anything you fancy.

Gooday to you folks!

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.... You always find the most beautiful things Deborah. Hope you are well. Look forward hearing about your new adventures (?). If you need help, I am in! We may venture back to Europe. Hugs xxx


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