Monday 11 May 2015

Staying Put

Stay Put.
If you 'really' knew me, you would know that it's almost impossible.
I'm a live wire, as busy as a bee, there's always something I have to do.

I try to walk 10 km every day, because I love being outside, in and around our little village. I run, I cycle. This long weekend was no exception.

Of course, as I'm on instagram, I often take my phone, or my camera, as well as my eyes. I love how the same scenery changes every day - a new shadow, a new ray of sunshine, a new path to explore in the woods. We really get to experience the changing seasons living in the country.

We didn't go away this weekend, we stayed put. We went to all our usual places, to the flea, to the fruit and veg market, to a car boot sale, for a long evening walk round the village. Busy doing nothing special.

Dominique's on holiday this week so if it's a little quieter here, you know where I'll be,

Just staying put, and loving every minute of it.

Bonne semaine!

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