Sunday 29 January 2012

Playtime Paris - First Impressions

I had a fun day in Paris yesterday at Playtime.

The tradefair was full of surprises and above all, a great opportunity to meet blogging friends such as Peggy, Michelle, Linda, Justine, Françoise and Paola, who made me a super cute Kickcan & Conkers biscuit on the Vogue Bambini Stand.

I discovered some new artists, photographers, designers and brands and I'm looking forward to sharing my favourite finds this week.


Folded faces by Yves Koerkel

Vogue Bambini 's Environment & Eating Design Space
(a joint collaboration between Paola Noe - Unduetrestellababy, Peridea and Le Macchinine)

Bonne Dimanche !


  1. It looks nice and inspiring, I was at the Kleinefabriek in Amsterdam but there where far too many ugly big brands and almost nothing new and creative! Thanks for sharing!

  2. and i visted just today, obviously forgot what stands i was going to visit, but was duly impressed by the joli stands you've mentioned. my fav (for clothing) was dominique ver eecke -- did you notice her? beautiful!!

    1. Hi Allison. I'm afraid I was so busy chatting to people that I missed out a lot of the fashion. I did see dominique ver eecke's stand briefly but knew that my friend Linda would cover that area far more professionally than I could ever do:

      Still got lots of photos to edit ...

  3. Hi guys
    Great site .. Is anyone aware of a buyers forum for all buyers that attend the show?


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