Thursday 12 January 2012

Sponsor Meet & Greet: Lapin & Me

 I know it's only January but, really, 
if you could see how bright the sun is shining here today,
if you could hear how loudly the birds are chirping on the edge of the woods, 
you'd understand why I'm smiling.

 Yes, it feels like Spring already.
The garden is teeming with life and I just wanna roll up my sleeves and get busy.

 Fresh, that's what I like about this time of year.
Tabula rasa, rethink the deco, pare down, a new slate.

And of course, there's Easter to look forward to 
Bunnies and egg-hunts, goodies galore...

Ah oui !  fun with the kids, inside and out!

You know, there's no need to wish you were here with me in France...
Just push this door and you'll enter a magical world of woodland animals, cute retro creatures and inspiring finds for you, your little ones and your home.
It's an artist's palette, beautifully curated with all things 
happy, colourful, vintage and modern.

Are you surprised that I feel so chez moi


  1. Thank you for showing me Lapin and me, I love the wall hanging, and almost everything! It is not very springlike here, it is a winter storm! Hail, sleet, snow, heavy wind, and a lot of car accidents and closed roads. Still a long time before spring..

  2. This is so fun and whimsical.
    ...the fabrics are delish!

  3. I love the items! your post is like the best antidote for the post-holiday season, wich is always a little depressig since we have to go back to reality again. But your post made me expectant of what spring may bring all of us. May it be happiness and good times.

  4. I love this shop. They got so many nice things.


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