Monday 5 March 2012

Colour My Monday #24

 Happy Colour My Monday!

I know I wrote about Japanese illustrator/artist/designer Keitaro Sugihara back in 2010 but I love collage and I think his work is fresh, uplifting and inspiring. Exactly what you need to wash away those Monday morning blues and keep you feel upbeat all day long!

I'm smitten with these new-to-me animal collages, which you can buy as prints along with characters from his Awkward People series over at the Speak For Gallery's online shop

Needless to say, Keitaro's work is perfect for children, but would also add a modern, playful touch to any room in your home - I adore that pink polar bear, et vous ?


  1. Wow! Beautiful!
    Your blog is very inspirated, thank you!

  2. I'm smitten too! Just gorgeous and as you put it so well up lifting! you can't help smiling looking at these.


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