Friday 23 March 2012

#FF- Fab Friday

I can't believe it's Friday already!
Where oh where did the week go?
No major progress with the to-do list...
My shop is not as full as I would like...
Thank goodness for Ben Javens' new fab card & wrapping paper designs, eh?


  1. I feel the same...time just runs away... but I hope you will have a nice and sunny weekend...

  2. omg, I love your blog!
    Kisses from Vivi ;-)

  3. oh, the illustrations are so, so, sooooo beautiful! thank you so much for sharing, I'm really glad I found mr. javens:) it feels so much like my childhood:)

    staklene bombone

  4. I love Ben Javens! didn't know he'd done some new cards, ta for sharing, they're great! have a lovely weekend. x

  5. such cute vintagey cards. ah i know how you feel about an unFULLfilled to-do list. but life goes on and suddenly its the weekend. lol

  6. Oh well, life happens, right? Everything is still alright. And of course, you've found more wonderful items to feature on your awesome blog. Thanks. Cheers.


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