Saturday, 6 July 2013

Blog Crush: Taulu Ja Tapetti

Relax now, it's the weekend.
It's also the beginning of the long, long Summer holidays here.
Yes, French schools broke up yesterday. And it's hot. Oh my, it's hot!
We'll be chilling out by the pool, reading in the hamacs, snoozing in the daybeds and taking long walks in the countryside when the sun goes down. That suits me fine for today!

Did you know that you can follow me on Blog Lovin'? I'm really getting into it, and have found some new, fresh blogs to read and inspire me.

Taulu Ja Tapetti is magical, I'm sure you'll agree.

Brigit Paavola's illustration and design studio is based in West Finland. Have a look at the original postcards and prints in her online shop, and enjoy the beauty of slow living. 
Here you will find the the simple pleasures of everyday life, captured by a mum of three who loves toys, children's rooms, folklore needlework, old fabrics and wallpapers and old school coats of arms.

Just perfect!

Bon Week End !


  1. Oh, I absolutely love the photo of that young reader in such expansive landscape!

  2. Great find Deb! These images are just amazing. Happy holidays! :) Kx

  3. Beautiful shots-will go and check them out!! Have a fantastic summer Deborah and I hope to see you at MTB Amsterdam!:-) caroline

  4. Thanks for Taulu Ja.Tapetti - beautiful


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