Friday, 5 July 2013

Space Is What You Choose


To me my paintings hold many secrets…and I like it that way. It gives them space to breathe and live their own lives; just like people…they have a sea of secrets too… I believe my paintings are the voice of my silence.

I very rarely wish I could buy an oil painting, any painting in fact. I have discovered so many wonderful artists online and off these past four years (yes, happy birthday K&C!) but at times I admit, I  feel saturated. Social media is increasingly visual - blogs, pinterest, instagram - posts often reduced to a small collection of images, my own included. It's a relief to turn off the computer sometimes. I appreciate our blank white walls!

Kristin Vestgård's work is different though.
It calms me, soothes my eyes.
Yes, I'd love to be able to buy one of her paintings.


  1. My walls are mostly blank and white too. I need them that way. Room to breathe amongst the visual noise. Thanks for that Deb.

  2. No white walls, but I have a view out over the water, and it is a calming influence. Interesting observations, though. . .the world does seem to be geared toward sensory cacophony. Finding a place to be more meditative is not only delicious, but absolutely necessary!

  3. i love her works, too! So good to now have a few of her works online, that are a bit bigger in file size... I remember once posting a work of hers, and how I regretted that I only could find really small files on her site...

    Thanks for sharing, Deb!



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