Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Read All About It!

  Yes! Issue 12 of Babiekins Digital Magazine is finally online! (the 2nd print issue will be appearing in stores across the US this week, more about that later).  I hope you enjoy my little summer finds...

        Oh, and to my immense surprise, Lucky Magazine loves my pinterest account!

"My favorite pinner is Deborah Beau. She is always reliable for evocative and artistically inspiring posts. Basically, Deb's pins brings out the part of me that wants to wear a white linen dress and a messy bun in an empty Paris loft while I eat a bowlful of perfectly royal blue blueberries and listen to The Smiths and engage a typewriter to record strange poetry…barefoot."
Merci Jenny Achiam, and merci to all 90,000+ of you who follow my boards!


  1. Lovely finds Deb! And congratulations on the nice words about your pinterest!! Have a lovely day ;-)

  2. c'est très joli comme toujours !
    et merci, car j'ai eu la jolie surprise de découvrir mon moble circus...
    à très bientôt

  3. I'm not surprised to hear that someone loves your pinterest account - it's one of the best! I just had a look at your finds in babiekins magazine, too - love that first picture of the girl covered with hairclips.


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