Friday, 8 November 2013

El Circo

I have been following Spanish illustrator Cintia Martin Esteban since I started blogging. Some of you may remember this post I wrote about her work , or recognise her style from my shop, where I am selling her wonderful collection of "never-ending stories".

Today, I'd like to share her latest project with De-pliegue, which she has been working on for over a year. El Circo is a foldable, cardboard circus toy that is easy to put up, take down, transport and hideaway when your kids have finished playing. Fun, colourful and recyclable, this toy is also modular,since any number of tents can be joined together to create a longer, bigger den.

Let's have a closer look at El-Circo:

As you can see, Cintia has opted to use the Verkami crowfunding site to finance her new creative project. She really needs your help if this project is to become a reality.

 38 days to go!

I hope you'll join me in supporting her endeavour!


  1. I'll post about EL CIRCO these days at my blog. Itś a lovely project and Patricia from DECOPEQUES told me about it.

    1. Yes, if you read Patricia's post, you will see that I told her about it ... :-) The more the merrier, right ?


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