Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Minimal & Modern



 Did you know that Christmas Time is my most popular moodboard on pinterest?
Surprising really, as we like to keep things pretty simple at home.
I'm determined to be organised this year, however, and I've started to create lists for my close family and friends.
 I'm even curating a gift guide for you too.

Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, what are your plans?
I'm going for black & white with a touch of green. 
Minimal and modern, that's me!

Love that wreath made from olive branches.
We have plenty of those in our garden.

Which reminds me -
it's olive-picking time!

Thanks for the inspiration:


  1. I love these sweet & simple ideas. For me simple is best. Greens from the garden & glass bowls of fresh fruit. I especially like clementines & cranberries with a few greens stuck in.

  2. Oh yes, fruit too! We have the traditional thirteen provençal desserts here and I love leaving them out on display!

  3. This is just wonderful. I would like to live inside these photos!

  4. c'est vrai que ces grands sacs en toile pourraient contenir tous les cadeaux de noël de ta "gift list" !!! Et merci pour ton regard :)


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