Monday, 18 November 2013

Inspiration: Tabula Rasa

Asia Gwis and I started blogging about the same time, back in 2009.
Four years of sharing, inspiring and soul-searching too... One day she stopped, pulled the plug, just like that, needing to reconnect with her pre-internet life. I get that, now.

I'm pleased to see Kavka's new beginning. Clean, beautiful, fresh.
I'll be following and admiring this Polish graphic designer and illustrator from afar, 
once again.

Tabula Rasa.
I've done it too.
I'm working on something, something slightly different, and it's so good to start anew!

I'll show you one day, peut-ĂȘtre...


  1. Beautiful! and I love the name "tabula rasa" ... certainly something we should do from time to time! Fingers crossed for your new project :-) xx i.

  2. That's a nice find! Love how you discover soul mates and inspiring creatives from all over the world. There is this certain twist your finds are having. And I'd love to see your slightly different day ...! x

  3. very nice post…and thrilling with new start Deborah!

  4. Kavka is a magical lady - so nice to see her work over your blog

  5. I had very difficult time in the few last days (sad, hospital moments, when you want to do sth and know you're totally powerless :-( Reading this post and wonderful words of Deborah made me really happy! I needed something like that so much. Thank you darling ♥
    I wish you wonderful new start, and keep my fingers crossed.


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