Saturday 28 December 2013

Big Softy

Good Morning!

Was Santa good to you  this year? 
I hope you've all enjoyed this special time with your family and friends.
Only a few days to go until we celebrate the New Year...

Kickcan & Conkers is having a small holiday sale on all Soft Toys to make way for lots of new products in January. Just enter the discount code SOFTTOYS between now and Saturday 4th of January 2014 and you will enjoy a fabulous 40% discount on all SOFT TOYS and decorations.

Let's clear those shelves please!


  1. long and tall ears?........lovely!

    1. No, tall and long ears, that's better isn't it ? LOL x

  2. Just pinned your toys and I hope you can clear all the shelves ;) OH I wish I could get the bunny for my daughter ;)


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