Monday 16 December 2013


Bonjour !
Happy Colour My Monday!

I'd like to kick off the week with my favourite neutral palette - whites, blacks, browns and creams. I love decorating our home with this colour scheme and never a day goes by without me wearing something black.Yes I'm that kinda girl...

Sandrine Péron knows how much I love her little black dresses. I wouldn't mind a whole line of her etchings hanging on my office wall. Well, maybe I should leave room for a few of these beautiful patterns though, Le Ménagère en vrac - J'adore !

I'm also very much into Tumblr right now, as you may already know. I have discovered so many unusual, inspiring links, including the very special Shipbuilding blog.
 Kim McKechnie's cloth & paper works are exquisite.
You should treat yourself to five minutes of beauty.
I'know I'm going to.

Have a great week!


  1. Quelle surprise et comme cela me fait plaisir... Merci beaucoup, j'aime tellement ce que vous montrez et partagez. Cela me touche beaucoup !

    1. Sandrine, ça fait longtemps que j'aime ces petites robes en noir et blanc. J'aimerais visiter votre magasin un jour ! Bonnes fêtes !

  2. Replies
    1. J'ai decouvert votre travail grâce à tumblr ( je suis plumes & feathers), et j'adore, tout. Joyeuses fêtes Françoise !

  3. love this post for so many reasons. such a lovely collection of images. and we adore your plume & feathers tumblr! lovely to see our very good friend Paul Anderson's work on there. glad you have discovered Kim's blog Shipbuilding too ... it's one of our favourites.

    hope you have a lovely xmas & new years deborah.

    1. Thank you so much! I will be turning Plumes & feathers into a blog next year - and hopefully something else. I wish you both a wonderful Christmas holiday, and all the best for 2014 x


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