Monday 2 December 2013

In The Mood



Bonjour !

Long time no see.

We've been busy working on our house, and I'm pleased to say that it actually feels as if we're getting somewhere, at long last! A couple more major jobs to finish and I'll be ready to decorate for Christmas. 

We made a very simple Advent calendar using olive branches from our garden, strips of old jeans and sachets of chocolates yesterday. As you can see, it's pretty minimal and goes well with our simple white and grey interior.


Black, brown, white, blue and olive green - our moodboard for this year.

Happy December!

Thanks for the inspiration:



  1. beautiful clouds' lamps! and I love your advent calendar (but you already know that ;-) xxi.

  2. your advent calendar is so unique!
    (and we' re picking olives too :)

  3. What a beautiful post Deborah! I love your advent calendar, such a unique and med idea :) Thank you very much for including my shadow boxes to your inspiration :) xxx

  4. Love your idea for the advent calendar. Very simple but very cute!

  5. Beautiful and inspiring pics, thanks for sharing! Big hugs from Sweden! :)

  6. Stunning pictures Deb looks incredibly beautiful x


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