Friday 13 July 2012

B for Bastille

I'm not sure where this week went but boy am I looking forward to the weekend!
We will be celebrating Bastille Day, of course, and plan to visit friends.
I will also be working on a big Kickcan & Conkers shop update (including all the products above), so let's clear those virtual shelves first please! (-25% of everything until Friday 20th of July). 

Thank you & Enjoy!


  1. Happy Bastille Day!Hope you have lots of fun:)

  2. I can't find in the shop the Czarodziejska Kura ;-/ Is't already sold out?

    1. No, don't worry. Perhaps I should have been clearer, I will be including all the above images in my update, after the Summer Sale. They aren't in the shop yet!

  3. Happy Bastille Day! I remember celebrating it when I lived in France! I tweeted about your sale. Hope you get some space cleared for the new arrivals! Bon weekend!

  4. Love the colours in that first poster :) Kx


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