Sunday 8 July 2012

Haut en Couleur

We went to see Dylan's street art exhibition yesterday, and I have to say that I was very impressed.

A group of teenagers have been working together at the local youth club in Sommières since Christmas, painting on walls, canvases, old shutters (that's Dylan's piece, soon to be hung in his bedroom), spray cans... you name it they've painted on it!

I know street art may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I found all that colour very uplifting and beautiful, and it's great to see young people so inspired and into art.

Bravo les gars !


  1. felicitations
    x ...


  2. great work! congratulations to the artists! I love streetart and Paris, compared to other big cities, is rather poor of it…

    1. Berlin was full of it! They are thinking of going there soon, I'm sure they'll be inspired.

  3. :-) fab they have done some great work.

  4. I never really noticed street art until I married my husband, and now I truly appreciate the art, color and beauty of it. Especially love the middle photo with the green cloud!

  5. Oh, I love street art! These teenagers did a great job. Wow, Dylan is very talented. Amazing job on the shutter! Bravo indeed!

  6. Très chouette, bravo les "jeuns" !!


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