Saturday 28 July 2012

Rain- Bows & Bobbles

Two of my favourite soft toys designers have just brought out a new range of handmade products embellished with a just a touch of colour. Jess Quinn's small printed Molly Dolly are all sporting lovely felt party hats, and Severina Kids' large 100% organic cotton cats are wearing eco-felt coloured collars.

A new trend? A nice one if it is.


  1. OMG! I love all these plushies, especially the girls in the party hats. I think I too would be smiling with glee like that little one if I had my arms wrapped around several of them! Whee!

  2. OOhhh Deborah! Thank you for the post! I haven't seen it until just NOW!! I love these Jess Quinn dolls too!!!
    Bis kiss and enjoy the time off with your sister!
    Alejandra by Severina Kids


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