Monday 2 July 2012

Sponsor Meet&Greet: Crafty Little Herberts

Ben Javens, Kate Hindley, Mrs Elliot Books and Karin Söderquist, I have featured them all on Kickcan & Conkers at some point, so what a pleasure it is to see one of my sponsors carrying a selection of their fine work.

 Crafty Little Herberts (what a cute name!) is a small family-run online business specialising in one-off and limited-edition handmade and illustrated goodies for children. Louise, at the helm most of the time, strives to support British artists/illustrators/makers, and has curated a happy, colourful collection of original finds for your little ones' nurseries, bedrooms and playrooms.

 Crafty Little Herberts' website is divided into four sections, Sew Up, Dress Up, Hang Up and Bind Up, and caters to all pockets. I love their selection of prints and books in particular.

Unfortunately, Crafty Little Herberts does not ship abroad so is only able to serve UK customers at the moment. They are working on this aspect of their business, however, and hope to be able to offer international shipping in the not too distant future.

 You can follow Crafty Little Herberts on Twitter, Facebook and their Blog.

A new name to bookmark if you live in the UK.


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