Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Fresh Talent: I Come From A Place of Wolves

"This is a place frozen in time, which many believe lost. In my memory there is the presence of the idea that I have been there. 
However, few know and even less trodden.
All who live here have the audacity to be free, and the privilege of stepping on the wet ground finished raining, smell him, all without compromise, for here the only law is the search for truth in search of freedom.
This is confirmation that Tolstoy must have lived there, as only he can see these creatures when he writes: 
"Do not reach freedom seeking freedom, but the truth. Freedom is not an end but a consequence."
It seems that there has never been so well described words that the inhabitants of the land and who knows where."

Catia Vidinhas.

 Holidaying in Portugal? If so you might want to pay a visit to Avesso, a cafĂ© - art gallery - bar in Esposende, where Catia Vidinhas' exhibition " I Come From A Place of Wolves" is on show until 21 August.
I fell into Catia's enchanting graphite world thanks to Mi Mitrika, and am looking forward to following this talented young artist / illustrator from now on. Her portfolio features posters, children's illustration and wonderful window displays, I'm sure many of you will enjoy her work.

Please click the photos to enlarge, it would be a shame to miss all the gorgeous details!


  1. Wonderwonderwonderful!
    Thank you for showing this.
    Its marvelous!

  2. Lovely illustrations, and such wonderful detail.
    What a lovely thing to stumble upon x x

  3. These works are amazing ! Love them !


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