Monday, 20 August 2012

Mountains & Mountains of Things

Hello New Week!
A busy one for me but I will always have time to share some of my favourite links...
I am still working on a big shop update so stay tuned for that. 
Two weeks to go until French schools go back, time to make the most of the sunshine!

Favourite Toy:

Favourite Online Shop:

Favourite Exhibition:
Love Evie's Paul & Luke dolls!


Favourite Vintage Textiles:
(lots of other lovely things too)


Favourite Kids' Space:
Love that they all got to choose how to decorate it!


  1. So much gorgeousness here! Love them all;)
    Two weeks for school here too...;)

  2. I love the Mt. Fuji cups and the little gentlemen dolls by Needlework Needleplay. Will have to check them out. Good luck with updating the shop.

  3. lots of inspiration here...thank you and while busy don´t forget to breathe...


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