Thursday, 30 August 2012

High Five #39

 Back to school next week!
My three children are well past the kindergarten stage and certainly never had access to good-looking furniture like this!

Simple, smart, and colourful, I love this nursery school furniture by


  1. Hi Deborah, just stumbled onto your lovely site. I do like the orange set - I can imagine my kids joining it together to make their own private sleep area or pretending they are on a ship... I'm sure with their imagination they will have hours of fun :)

  2. I agree with Geraldine..the orange set combines great design with a lovely pop of colour!

  3. These are really fantastic! I remember mine when they were little would love nothing more than spaces where they could put a sheet over the top and create a cubby house! Actually my little one (12) still loves to make a cave in her room! :)) Kx


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