Monday 13 August 2012

Wood Stock

Up at the crack of dawn,
Doors, windows flung open wide,
Bring me a breeze,
These hot summer days seem endless.

And there's work to be done
 In the garden.

Happy Monday!


  1. Yes, same here! We should get together for a rain dance

  2. hot summer days sounds lovely to me...we didn´t have much of them this year...soon time for fire and mittens. are you building a wall of fire woods? looks like a very interesting corner in a nice garden...

  3. Same as above...Wishing you a sweet breeze though. I remember from my past Greek summers how a summer breeze can be so very sweet- your garden looks gorgeous though;)

  4. I think you must be done with it by now ...
    you've been living here for long enough to know that temps totally could be the same at the end of September ... I am SO very looking forward to a drop of the temps or at least a little rain shower !!


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