Thursday 13 September 2012

A Shift in Perspective

Yes, Stockholm truly is a beautiful city from any angle.

I didn't really go to see the sights this time, no I've done all that before.

This time I went to meet friends old and new, one of whom seemed to be waiting for me in every corner of the city. Ingela and I had arranged to go to the Moderna Museet together to see the Picasso vs Duchamp exhibition. Believe it or not, once we were there, even the paper cups had been decorated by Ingela, along with several of the products in the museum's design shop! We had to laugh!

Thanks to Karin, I had the opportunity to experience life in Sodermalm for a few days. One of her friends kindly lent me her very lovely flat, complete with early morning sunshine and a well-stocked fridge!

The apartment was a stone's throw away from Karin and her beautiful shop & workshop Manos, which most of you will probably have heard of or perhaps already visited.

Karin and I had brunch at Urban Deli, close to Parlans, Kiki, and the Talent Gallery (don't miss Fideli Sundqvist's exhibition!), to name but a few. She's great fun and I love her taste. If you can get to Manos, Karin currently has a small selection of spun and handwoven textiles by Japanese designer Erika Ueno on display. Everything is so beautiful.

I treated myself to one of Camilla Engman's prints, which goes perfectly with this cushion by Fine Little Day.

Oh my, Elisabeth Dunker!  I was absolutely delighted to start my weekend wining & dining with this fine lady at the Scandic Grand Central Hotel, where she was staying. We had a fun, memorable evening, and I can't help but smile now when I look across at the pillow on our sofa.

 The online world is rich, inspiring and demanding. 

I have been blogging for three years now, posting three or four times a day sometimes. I am passionate about K&C and love sharing and communicating with my readers. But I have to say that it was refreshing to pull the plug and take stock for a short while, hence the lack of posts.

It wasn't really a break though. I was taking things to another level, moving from virtual to real, I like that.
As for Stockholm, well, I'll be back, I have three new friends to go and visit!


  1. I love Stockholm and if I could speak Swedish I'd take my family to live there! :D

    Love the appartment you were staying in.

  2. Fabuleuse pause dans la vraie vie avec de vraies gens ;-)

  3. Oh, my, so much to see and to do. Glad you had so many great friends to visit. Love all the photos. Do you know if that colorful outdoor sculpture is made of papier-mâché?

    1. Melissa the sculptures were made by Nikki de Saint Phalle , so yes, partly from papier maché:

  4. yes,Stockholm is nice...hope to see you next time...I live very close...

    1. Oh, that would be nice Britt-marie. I had dinner with Elisabeth and we talked about how much we love your work :)

  5. Thank you, Deborah for sharing this wonderful story. Just love everything you post! :)

  6. What an amazing trip and collection of artists and sites! I met Fideli this Autumn and actually got to spend a night folding paper with her. (I actually interviewed here, too, for willowday/November.) It was just fantastic to be in a world with her where working with paper was as natural as eating! She has the lightest touch...
    All of your photos show a perfect path walked (I'm assuming - walking, right?!... I love this city for that) and what creative company! I'm so happy to find you!


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