Tuesday 4 September 2012

Inspiration: Muku FW12/13

Oh, if money were no object!
Like many, I've been busy creating a new imaginary wardrobe for myself over here.
I like well-cut "dramatic" clothes, and still wear black almost everyday. I also like clothes that make a statement, by their simplicity.

Muku's FW12/13 collection is inspired by rural life, old photographs of women and the Chekovian-atmosphere of a dark, empty puppet theatre.

It's early September, I'm definitely not ready to embrace Autumn yet, but I can imagine how good this puckered washed linen feels walking through piles of russet leaves.

It's a shame everything doesn't come in adult sizes... guess I'll just have to pin them instead!

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  1. Before I read what the inspiraction was for this collection, it reminded me of peasants and farmers. How lovely. Yes, too bad it's not in adult sizes. I love your Pinterest collections, like your "For Me" board.


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