Thursday 13 September 2012

Animal Families


Paul & Marjorie Abbatt really did come up with some beautiful designs.

I have been collecting their toys for a few years now and am always pleased to add something made by them to my shop.

If you're not convinced, there's a full set of scans on the excellent Things Magazine site, you'll have a hard time picking a favourite, I'm sure!


  1. Zut !!! J'arrive trop tard !!! :D
    C'est tout à fait le genre de chose que j'aurai pu acheter !!!
    Je vais être plus vigilante dorénavant et consulter ta boutique plus souvent !!! :)
    En tous cas, ce jeu de carte est superbe, merci pour cette belle découverte !!! :)
    A bientôt !!! :)


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