Monday 3 September 2012

What's New?

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a very enjoyable weekend.
I have added a few more things to the Kickcan & Conkers Shop, and struck lucky at the local fleamarket on Saturday.
Do you like my new / old military bin?
Children go back to school in France on Tuesday, 
so I will more free time to update K&C as of tomorrow.
Please note, the Czech paper doll kits have been very popular, 
and we now only have one kit in stock.

Happy Monday!


  1. cute curios
    & love your bin
    {shade of peagreen am i}
    i have a i am back blogging
    giveaway/link delight at mine
    would be stoked if you
    joined in...
    cheerio for now d
    x ...


  2. How nice to see this wooden doll on your blog. I read about it in your shop, and it's from Lyon!? I have one similar hanging on my wall and didn't know where it was from. I found it in a thrift store.
    :) Puk

  3. Wonderful flea market find. I love the bag. The paper doll is so fun I can see why she's been so popular. I've blogged about the paper dolls in your shop. They are too cute to keep a secret. Glad you'll have more time for K&C shop. Wish the kids a happy return to school!


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