Sunday 23 December 2012

Come On Over And Meet Me At Mikes

Meet Me At Mikes was one of the very first blogs I started following back in 2009.
I had absolutely no idea how big or strong the online crafting community was until then, and I certainly hadn't found my own voice at the time. I was just starting out - fumbling, experimenting, testing myself - and I didn't have a clue where this new online adventure would take me.

Meet Me At Mikes was my daily inspiration from Down Under. Then, out of the blue, Pip noticed me. I couldn't believe it! I can remember ringing my husband at work to say that  she'd posted about one of my finds, the work of British artists John Dilnot. The joy!
Welcome to the online arts and crafts community Deborah!

Three years later, Pip and I are friends, and I am absolutely delighted to share my Christmas Wishlist on her inspirational blog Meet Me At Mikes.

I hope you'll enjoy discovering a more personal side to Kickcan & Conkers, and hopefully be inspired to read all the other great wishlists compiled by Pip's friends. 

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