Thursday 13 December 2012

Inspiration: Petite Belette

I have a thing for armoires. In fact, I could happily fritter away my savings on French vintage furniture full stop. I'm a lover of the time-worn and distressed, I like my meubles to have a soul. Oh oui !

Alexandra has a great eye for industrial-style finds, and boasts an impressive gallery of wardrobes, cupboards, desks, kids' furniture and one-off items on her website (sold mostly). 

Of course, gems like these are hard to find and sell fast. Word of mouth mes chers amis, word of mouth.  I noticed that Alexandra has created a blog to allow people to reserve her 'new' pieces before restoration work begins, and I love her extra modern touch.

Petite Belette is going in my bookmarks, for payday, on ne sait jamais.

via Sandrine/pinterest, je crois.


  1. These are just gorgeous Deborah! Thanks so much for sharing :-)

  2. beautiful! I am a big fan of the worn and wabi-sabi.


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