Friday 7 December 2012

#FF: Fabulous Five



Wonderful Wooden Toys

Home Zoo Covers for Inflatable Toys

One of the things I love most about Kickcan & Conkers is discovering state-of-the-art kids' design. I try to keep my finger on the pulse of the international children's industry, and spend a lot of time researching for my blog, magazines and my own shop.
Of course, try as I might, it's impossible to spot every brand new, innovative product. I'm usually pretty quick but there's a limit to how many hours a girl can spend on the web...

Hence my joy in discovering
a new platform showcasing the best design in the German kids' market.

If you like my small selection of toys, I'm sure you'll enjoy browsing the rest of their site and will want to follow them on Facebook  and Twitter too. 
One to bookmark, me thinks!

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