Thursday 6 December 2012

Sponsor Meet&Greet: Lötiekids

Every so often, pictures really do speak louder than words.
There's no shortage of beautiful kids' fashion features on the internet, all perfectly-styled, perfectly-located, perfectly perfect.

It's refreshing to see children looking like children for once.

 It's nice to see them looking comfortable, being able to crawl on the floor, jump up and down or run around. Real kids in real clothes, that is.

Lötiekids is a new Spanish brand offering basic and creative clothes for babies and young children (0-5 years). Based in Barcelona, their simple, mostly unisex, designs are timeless and easy to wear, made from soft non-allergenic cotton.

Browse their website, or follow their blogpinterest and facebook accounts, and you will see that the company offer a unique, limited collection of tees, bodies, leggings, nighties, blankets, playsuits and pyjamas for boys and girls. Basics don't have to be boring though!   Lötiekids' designs and patterns reflect the two owners' passion for Scandinavia and Japan, as well as their love of detail. I would be more than happy with the wrapping paper alone!

Like I said,
sometimes pictures are all you need.


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