Thursday 17 January 2013

Inspiration: Little Treasures

Little treasures
Made by hand
Simple but refined.
Little worlds
Crafted, woven, shaped
A labour of love.

By Pia Jane Bijerk
This will be her fourth book, and the third in her Made By Hand series.

Featuring over 50 handmade gifts given to her and her partner when their baby daughter Laly was born, in addition to simple how-to guides for some of the items Pia made in the lead up to Laly's arrival, this publication promises to be yet another beautiful, perhaps more personal,  source of inspiration.

I love Pia's aesthetic, photography and values, so although my three children are much older, I will definitely be finding space on our bookshelves for this special little treasure.

Thank you for all the inspiration:

Erin's Window (thanks for reminding me Jo!)
 Sample sheets - Pia Jane Bijerk (via Apol)

Bonne journée !



  1. Thank you for this inspiring post Deb X

  2. Sublime tons naturels, j'aime!

  3. wonderful post sweetie!!!! xxx

  4. Bellissimo questo post immagini stupende dei piccoli tesori!!!
    Have a nice weekenk Deborah!!!

  5. Absolutely lovely hand crafted items. Loved the post.


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