Tuesday 22 January 2013

Inspiration: Malatesta

I pinned an image this morning that got me thinking about my marriage. Twenty-two years this March. I have to admit, it's ages since Dom and I went away for a romantic weekend together. Just the two of us, remember?  You know how it is, moving house, working, working on and renovating the aforementioned house, and of course, putting our three kids at the centre of everything. La vie quoi...

 I'm not complaining though. I am incredibly lucky to be living here in the South of France, and we're really trying to make our new abode feel like a summer holiday home - fairly minimal, basic and almost "makeshift" in a brocante-fleamarket-y way.

Were we to find the time (and money) for a romantic break away, I'd be more than happy to escape to Italy to experience a couple of days at Malatesta, a beautiful 15th Century boutique hotel lovingly run by my blogging/pinning friend Claudia



I've never been to Pergola, but knowing Claudia's excellent taste and passion for interior design, architecture and cooking, I am sure that a couple of nights at Malatesta would do us both the world of good. Ah, oui ! - that would be grand!

Bonne chance !


  1. MAGNIFICO ... for sure the perfect destination for a romantic week-end ♥ Thank you for the hint!

  2. Wow - you are so lucky to live there! We are also looking for a house in Provence! Will visiting in march! Enjoy your time! Hug, Barbara

    1. These are not photos of my house but of Malatesta Maison.


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