Thursday 14 July 2011

Chair Play

 Tune-Tune Musical Stool

 Jo-Yun Wang, a recent graduate from the Master of Fine Art (MFA) in Product Design course at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), has designed, developed and tested an interesting series of interactive musical chairs named "The Jolly Seat" series. Described as "unique, fun, playful, interesting and beautiful" by the adults and children that took part in the public product testing, Wang's designs are chiefly inspired by her childhood memories of playing and her desire to create products that give joy to their users.

Tune-Tune is an interactive swivel stool that sings to users through movement. Watch this short video, and you will see that young kids love playing with the product and that is has obvious appeal as a unique, colourful seat for an older age group. 
Similarly, five caster wheels with integrated music boxes have been added to the Ensemble design. Each caster wheel produces different notes, creating an ensemble for each specific movement. Imagine what fun kids could have with a room full of chairs like this!

Ensemble Musical Casters

 Jo-Yun Wang has had a huge response to the Jolly Seat Series (which also includes this wonderful Move-It cushion) and is now working on strategies to implement the product to market as well as seeking out opportunities in the design industry.

 One to watch out for me thinks!

Jo-Yun Wang(c) 2011 copyright


  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE IT!! I WANT ONE!! AMAZING! x

  2. Forget the children - I want one - please?! Stephie x

  3. That looks like so much fun..we want an adult sized one!

  4. These are really interesting, you are right, watch what she does next.


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