Monday 18 July 2011

Five Faves #58

Happy Colour My Monday!
I'm a little late with my Five Faves so I thought we'd roll these two posts into one this week.

Vive l'été!

1) Favourite Letter From The Postman - The New Summer Issue of Anorak Magazine

2) Favourite DIY Toy / Sculpture - Pintalaluna

3) Favourite Step Back in Time - Walking Wooden Dinosaurs by Lotes Toys

4) Favourite Quirky Couples - Chromantication*

5)  Favourite Vintage Find - Yet Another Czech Counting Chart, LOVE!

 voilà - plenty of reds and blues to start the day

à bientôt !

* via pinterest


  1. I love them all! Thanks for sharing and hope your weekend was fun!

    Hugs, Stephie x

    PS I love Catherine Campbell. I bought her calendar last year and have framed some of the images for home - so beautiful!

  2. In catching up and what a celebration you have here...:-)
    My heart is melting for the last two. The couples are and the Czech Counting Chart.



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