Thursday 21 July 2011


Polish artist Ewa Wrobel-Hultqvist's limited-collection of organic, handpainted T-shirts for little ones (3mths to 6 years) is unique, fresh and colourful. If you are looking for something playful, vibrant and off the beaten track, pay a visit to her blog-shop or etsy, and you might even be tempted to pick up something from her adult collection for yourself!

Thanks for the heads-up Elisabeth!


  1. Great! I love your polish finds! :-) but the prices are a bit crazy / ?/ for me.

  2. Dear Agata,
    I know the prices may seem high. The reason for this are the use of premium ecological materials and the unique artistry of each items. My collections are each projected and hand painted, making you who wear it one of a kind. In order to meet the demand I am however, considering to create a second series of collection with limited printed clothing.


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