Tuesday 19 July 2011

A Child's View of Happiness

Happiness and sadness live right next door. 
Why not take happiness out to the zoo? But if you find sadness lock him in the loo? 
 Daryl Clarke 11

Happiness if my friend's hand
Gillian Queen, 10

It feels nise inside when you ar happey
Anna Whitley, 6

A classic!

A Child's View of Happiness, 
Edited by Richard & Helen Exley (1979)

I picked this up in Oxfam for a £1 when I was in Engand a couple of weeks ago.
Definitely worth it's weight in gold!


  1. I like!
    I grabe some for my pinterest

  2. a wonderful book..beautiful, and also true

  3. OH I soo love kids artwork, especially when paired with their brilliant quotes!!

  4. Hi Deborah
    I found your blog while searching for pictures of this book. I have just written a blog post about it. I have a picture and some words in it. My school entered the competition and the winning children received a copy of the book. I hope you don't mind if I 'borrow' a picture - I will post a link to your blog.


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