Sunday 10 July 2011

Five Faves #57

 Ice 3 - Fast train wall decoration (paper and cardboard?) by Studio Meyer

Bonjour !
First weekend all together since school broke up and we've been making the most of the wonderful weather, Montpellier and the sea - what more can you ask for?
We really feel like we're on holiday here at home.

 Things have been a little slower on K&C of late,
Blame it on the sunshine and my need for a little break.
 I'm back now though and will be celebrating my two year anniversary (29th June) with a fab giveaway this week, so keep your eyes peeled!

First things first - voici my Five Faves:

1) Favourite Photo - Les Zigouis encore et toujours*

5) Favourite Refuge -Le Nuage by Le Bruit du frigoZébra3 / Buy-Sellf**

I really love these finds, hope you enjoy them too!



  1. A big thank you for all these awesome finds !!!

  2. Oh why, oh why don't I live in a cloud house? Gorgeous animal illustrations as well!

  3. The animal alphabet looks wonderful.

    I shall keep my eyes peeled for your giveaway - would you like to enter mine? ... still a few hours left ;)


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