Thursday 14 June 2012

Drache & Bär

Polish product designer Grzegorz Cholewiak and Berlin artist Lena Hensel are two people I would love to meet. I have featured this creative team's work before, both their individual and collaborative projects, and I am excited to be able to present their new design studio Drache & Bär, based in Berlin.


Formerly known as Czarodzieiska Projekt, Grzegorz and Lena have evolved, both as a couple, parents and makers. They have many projects, merging design, craft, art and illustration, and launched the first of them, Toll's Toy, at the satellite exhibition of DMY in Berlin last weekend.

Toll's Toy is a brand new collection of striking, simple toys, for little and perhaps big ones alike (a desk toy or for display?). Made from plywood and aluminium in a small workshop in Cracow, the Toll's Toy collection is beautifully handpainted, and presently comprises a wheel, spinning top and skipping rope. All the designs have been tried, tested and much-loved by Grzegorz and Lena's two-year old daughter. 

Launched only last week, they will be available from a number of shops in Berlin, and can obviously be bought through Drache & Bär too.




But that's not all! In addition to Toll's Toy, Kvadratt and Alex & Axel, Grzegorz and Lena have been working on a range of handmade notebooks and some amazing textiles based on Lena's artwork. I'm giving you a little sneak peek here, but will be posting more information when the products become available.


What can I say? I am inspired! Some people always seem to get it right...




  1. Oh, nice Polish accent. Oh, yeah, they make a very wonderful projects :)


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