Monday 25 June 2012

So Green



It has been incredibly hot here today, almost too hot for me, in fact. 
Despite the heat I've been busy, working on various blog-related things.
I am sorry for the lack of posts.
The school run à pied can be a killer when the temperatures soar; 
we walk silently, in single file, seeking respite in any shade.

Today I took my camera, to capture all things green. Before the sun shrivels them up.
I'd never realised how green my surroundings are, how alive, how beautiful, 
simply so.

For "Colour My Monday" I am inviting you to join Poppytalk's Summer Colors Week.
I love colour and I love taking part in this online community event. Not because I am a skilled photographer,but because I like sharing and seeing snippets of people's daily lives around the world.



  1. It's been scorching hot today, hasn't it ? And to think we're off to some more the next few days ... pffff ... I'm melting away !
    YES to Poppytalk colour week ! I'm in too of course ! Loved your photos on Flickr !

  2. Hi Deborah, thanks for sharing this, I haven't been on Flickr for ages (too busy pinning!) but you inspired me to share some recent photos, looking forward to yellow tuesday! :) Rachel

  3. We are still waiting for summer here, rumour has it that the sun may come out on wednesday! so looking forward to my month in Spain! V x

  4. Beautiful pictures, I will try to take part in Poppytalk's rainbow to.

  5. I've thought your photographs are quite lovely. It's amazing what you see when you look---heheheheee! Yes, beauty abounds! Wonderful photos!

  6. These last is a wonder!!! i love your photos, what good project Poppytalk :)


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