Saturday 16 June 2012


Today, it was hot, 
so very hot.
I found some real bargains at the fleamarket
and the pool party was a great success.
It was so good to be outside in the garden all day.

Happiness is wanting what you already have, Dominique always says.
Wise words, 
I think.


  1. I love how some people make beautiful pictures out of ordinary objects and moments in the day. And you are one of those people :D. Was that a piñata?? I think its fantastic you had a sunny day, here in Mexico whatsoever it has been raining all day long. xx

    1. Yes, a pinata, Savannah's attempt at a silver disco ball! It was great, lots of special memories for her and her friends, I think. Sorry about the rain!

  2. Replies
    1. Happy Birthday Hazel!!! Will try and ring you later today.

  3. Very wise I think...beautiful pictures...I can feel the heat...big rain here and the garden is happy for that...


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