Wednesday 20 June 2012

Inspiration: Arseniy Lapin

 Riding school on a giant bird

 Royal Airship

 An image shared by someone on Facebook yesterday led me on a journey into the wonderful world of Russian artist, sculptor and animator Arseniy Lapin.
Where does one start? I have chosen to show a couple of his beautiful videos, rich in colour and magical, mythological creatures. 

His work reminds me of Jana's a little.

Take the time to sit down and watch these with your children, they will love the music, the flying dragons, and oh, is that a castle, a fish?
So many stories to be made up, what fun!


  1. Thank you, Deborah!! these are just so great!!!

  2. what to say? I will be sitting here for the rest of the day watching...and his graphics and his's a bit Chagall I think...

    1. Thank you Britt-Marie, I thought I was alone out there on this one... Miles and Savannah watched both videos last night and loved them, it made me happy. Beautiful.


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