Sunday 10 February 2013

To Be Perfectly Frank

Beautiful light and shadows.

Michael Anastassiades' exhibition at the Svenskt Tenn Store in Stockholm was one of the highlights of my trip to Sweden last week with Meet The Blogger. Clean, minimal and poetic, Anastassiades' new collection of furniture, lighting and accessories, inspired by Josef Franks' patterns and designs, will be on show at Svenskt Tenn until March 31. Certain pieces will be available in a limited edition in conjunction with the exhibition, while others will be included in Svenskt Tenn's regular range.

I'm not a great lover of brass, to be perfectly frank, but I was seduced. As you can see, Anastassiades' hanging plant installation was divine, and was well worth the visit alone.


  1. This is sooo pretty! I do love brass, and glass and plants. ;)

  2. Wow how amazing the plants suspended like that. I love brass, just not in the olde english way (you know brasses round the fireplace).

  3. The lovely Rossana Orlandi had it last year at the Salone in a raw way on a wall in her garden... it is kinda fascinating.


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